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"In the Great Seal of the United States we see the ancient symbol of the Brotherhood of the Snake (or Dragon), which as you already know is the all seeing eye in the pyramid representing the form of wisdom.

You can review your monthly bills by taking note of the account number of your car loans, utility bills, and the likes. List the stated amounts every time your bills arrive in your mailbox.

Whatever the case, tax season shouldn't be a time for great concern if you're an info marketer. Like all other aspects, you just have to do some work to get ready for it.

Mistake #3: Missing forms. Perhaps this blunder is the most understandable of the three. After all, who isn't overwhelmed by the mind-boggling number of forms you have to prepare for the typical small business Income Tax return?

Open up a separate checking account for your home business. Do not use one account for your personal expenses and your business. Keeping things separate also makes preparing your Business Taxes a snap. By simplifying matters, you have a better chance of avoiding problems with your tax returns.

"I imagine a new Louisiana," he said, "when children from other states come here for opportunity." Eliminating personal and corporate Income taxes, along with the state's 468 loopholes and exemptions, would be the single biggest step to take us there, he went on to say.

McDonald's didn't become a large fast food franchise without a system. If you wish to stay yourself sane and file your taxes as painlessly as possible, consider setting up a system to prepare your paperwork. Schedule a time each month where you key in invoices into your bookkeeping software.